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Our team of Osteos near Ashburton have treated over 5000 patients, focused only on the delivery of results-based care! 

Don’t let pain prevent you from doing the things that are important. Play the video to discover how we can help. 

Remember what life was like before pain?

Move freely

Get back to bending, reaching, lifting and stretching without fear or restriction.

Get results

Pain always limits you from moving and living normally. Work with professionals who have been doing it for over 10 years.

Stay well

Your health is priceless. Get back in the driver's seat of your body and regain control.

Meet your new Osteopaths 
near Ashburton

  • Never feel in the dark. We will map out a step-by-step journey to your recovery.  
  • We listen to you so you can get back do doing the things you love.
  • Feel totally supported as we can work with your healthcare team.

Our Osteopaths have over 26-years combined experience  

Dr. Ainslie Morris (Osteopath)
Ainslie has been working in our Hartwell clinic since 2018, and takes care of many athletes in the Burwood area. 

She is a rowing coach, an avid photographer, and a huge part of our team working across all three clinics.

Dr. Shaun Richardson (Osteopath)
Shaun & Claire opened Chadstone Region Osteo’s Hartwell Clinic near Burwood to provide the highest quality care to all those who need it.

Shaun loves basketball, camping, and chasing his daughter around the clinic!

Dr. Claire Richardson (Osteopath)
Claire has gone on to further tertiary study in the field of Pain Management, and is one of a small number of titled Advanced Practice Pain Management Osteopaths. 

Claire loves complex pain patients, as well as good food and a good book. 

Speak to an Osteopath 
to see how we can help you

We’re sure you’d agree that there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be given the chance to see if Osteopathy is the right treatment option for you. 

Get all of your questions answered. Schedule your no-obligation-to-book call and talk to an Osteopath near Burwood at a time that’s best for you. 

Our Osteopaths want to help move you away from pain. We have three conveniently located osteo clinics in the Chadstone area with osteopaths available six days a week including after work hours. Don’t delay treatment – call us or book an appointment today! 

Our Hartwell clinic is located on Toorak Rd, near Camberwell road, just a few minutes east of Burwood.

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